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Three-Year Assessments

Assessments are conducted in 3-year intervals and must include:

  • Review of the current system
  • Identification and evaluation of areas needing reform
  • Recommendations for improvement to the current system

Assessment must demonstrate that the Task Force has comprehensively:

  • Reviewed and evaluated State investigative, administrative and both civil and criminal judicial handling of cases of child abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as cases involving suspected child maltreatment related fatalities and cases involving a potential combination of jurisdictions, such as intrastate, interstate, Federal-State, and State-Tribal; and
  • Made policy and training recommendations in each of the categories described in CAPTA, Section 107(e). The task force may make such other comments and recommendations as are considered relevant and useful.

Assessment must also show that a study was conducted and describe the method in which it was conducted. The resulting report must:

  • Identify all Task Force recommendations adopted and/or comparable alternatives designed to carry out the purposes of the Act
  • Describe the actions yet to be taken and timetables for implementing each recommendation or comparable alternative; or be sufficient to support a showing that the State is making substantial progress in adopting Task Force recommendations or comparable alternatives.
  • Provide preliminary information on activities that will be undertaken to address the recommendations over the next three-year period

Task Force Recommendations

There is no requirement/limit for a specific number of recommendations that must be developed/adopted, but there must be at least one recommendation in each category (A, B, C).If multiple recommendations are made within one category, they may be listed in order of priority and include clear designations about how each recommendation is aligned with one or more categories.

All activities funded over the next three-year period must be aligned with one or more of the most recent Task Force recommendations.

Click on the links below for copies of CJA Three-Year Task Force Assessment reports:
2021 Assessment Quality Legal Representation
2018 Assessment: Effectiveness of Child Abuse Investigations
2015 Assessment: Consistency of Assessment and Response to Allegations of Maltreatment
2012 Assessment: Child Abuse Involving Child Victims with Special Needs
2009 Assessment: Guardian Ad Litem, Mandated Reporter Child Sexual Abuse Training

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